Genuine Thermo King Batteriers

Genuine Thermo King batteries are available with either AGM or wet cell technology to best match the needs of your business. Our EON, MAXPLUS and ReliaMax batteries offer long life and reliable power to get you going, whatever your application.

EON Battery

  • Full-replacement 4-year warranty
    • Dry cell technology for greater efficiency, longer life and a lower life cycle cost
    • Fuel savings due to less engine run time to recharge battery when in CYCLE-SENTRY™ mode
    • 5 second cranking power of the EON is double to triple that of equally-sized wet cell batteries, even when the temperature is as low as - 40°C (-40°F)
    • Improved heat and vibration resistance
    • 210-minute reserve capacity

ReliaMAX Battery

  • 18-month product replacement warranty
    • Premium plate anchor bonding for superior vibration resistance
    • Lead/Calcium alloy helps reduce maintenance requirements
    • Reinforced ribbed case reduces case distortion
    • Manifold lid vent technology for superior liquid retention


  • 2-Year Warranty - No-hassle product replacement
    • Superior Cast Grids - For enhanced vibration resistance and cycling performance
    • Special Pressure Venting System - Individual pressure vents decrease cell imbalance and increase life
    • Maintenance-Free - Non-spillable Group 31 AGM battery construction
    • Top Handle - For easy installation - fold out of the way afterwards
    • High-Conductivity Post - Low-resistance design for high cranking capacity